It makes a good read.

Much has been written about the Kaycee Nicole Swenson story, and probably much is still yet to come. Perhaps in much the same way that we're attracted to stories like Kaycee's (or at least to what was supposed to be her story) we're also attracted to the exposes that dissect that attraction. A good overview of the story can be found on the New York Times web site. A site ordinarily devoted to music carries a Kaycee Nicole FAQ that covers much of the same material. A personal site (about which I have almost no outside corroborating information) that carries a date of just before the public exposure of the hoax asks many questions and hints at a hoax. The person who set up Kaycee's blog tells the story from his point of view, and it's a fascinating read. The Kaycee Nicole Forum on Yahoo! Groups is today quite dormant. Just after Kaycee's death, however, things were very different. In May and June of 2001 over 800 messages were posted to the forum. The forum holds a Bookmarks section that contains many additional links to material that sheds light on Kaycee and on internet hoaxes in general.

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