This is called having a life?

Lately one of the best reasons for going to sleep early (instead of staying up to work on writing a column) is that someone is bound to wake up during the night. It's a good idea not to stay up late, because only in that way can I be sure that I'll get at least a bit of sleep. The kids seem to be taking turns at being sick, but this week they seem to have decided to pool their resources. Two are getting ear drops, and the third antibiotics. Nadav's knee suddenly became swollen and it was hard for him to walk. Eitan can't seem to shake whatever he caught. What's more, Tzippi has the flu, and though after a week she's much better, there's still a long way to total recovery. And perhaps to remind us that it's also part of the family the computer caught a virus as well. The thermometer is working extra hours, and we're using up tissue paper at an amazing pace. It makes you sort of wonder whether Montaigne had children.

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