... perhaps there's still hope.

I think that it's twice that I've hinted in these columns that if there's any reader out there who'd like to pay me a substantial monthly wage for writing these columns I'd be more than happy to abandon all of my other jobs and devote myself to writing. That doesn't mean that I'd be more prolific than I am at the moment. It also doesn't mean that I'd become particularly wealthy. But it would mean that I wouldn't have to ask myself whether I still have the strength to sit and write for an hour when it's late at night and I've finally completed a work-related task. I wouldn't complain if, upon getting up in the morning, instead of organizing my bags and leaving for work, I could sit myself down and work on a column. But of course the money hasn't started pouring in yet. Thus, as central as these columns are to how I may perceive myself, they remain peripheral to the "making a living" sort of activities that continue to take precedence when I find I've got a bit of time on my hands.

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