Perhaps not read, but certainly not thrown out.

One highly selective means of reading would be to stop my subscription to some of these. After all, if I admit that I don't read them all, perhaps nipping them in the bud, before they have a chance to clutter my inbox would be a logical solution. The daily newspaper to which I subscribe also clutters up our apartment, but I've learned to almost cruelly stack them up, often after only casual skimming, and once every two weeks put them in the trash, saving only a (for me) very limited number of items. True, digitized items cause less visible clutter, but ultimately they clog up my mail program and slow it down, and it's a fair guess that, like with newspapers, what I don't read within a few weeks I'm not going to get around to. Perhaps what's missing is that Tzippi doesn't peek into my inbox and tell me to clean it up already, whereas she certainly reminds me to do this with the non-digital items.

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