... it puts food on the table.

I have often been asked what sort of work I do. Though these pages aren't the place for revealing secrets of that sort, I can at least admit that I see myself as a true luftmentsch - I live off air. It's not that I don't eat much, though there's reason to think that's also true, but rather that I identify that ethereal entity cyberspace as the turf on which I work. Even more specifically, what interests me most is the perhaps somewhat synaptic connection between web pages - the link. After hearing an explanation of that sort people tend to ask: "you mean that you can make a living from that?". This month's date tie-in is, perhaps, a fitting answer to that question. According to the Today in History section of The History Net website, it was on August 28, 1938 that
The first degree given to a ventriloquist's dummy is awarded to Charlie McCarthy--Edgar Bergen's wooden partner. The honorary degree, "Master of Innuendo and Snappy Comeback," is presented on radio by Ralph Dennis, the dean of the School of Speech at Northwestern University.
Let's put it this way: Charlie McCarthy is the guy who said: "Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?". I couldn't have said it better. And if he can earn a master's degree, I suppose that someone who studies links can do the same, and even make some money on the side as well.

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