Always judge a book by its cover!

There are, forgive my narrow-mindedness, some web pages which I simply don't want to read. Upon first encountering them they exude a quality of kitsch (or worse) and I don't have the time for them, or the time to discover that appearances can be deceiving. If the truth be told, (though perhaps it needn't be) I have to admit to having found some true pearls hidden within the oysters of pages adorned with opening and closing envelopes and dancing flowers. But with millions of pages out there, you've got to play the averages.

Web folklore abounds with stories that teach us not to judge by appearance. One version of one of the most popular of these tells us that Stanford University was the result of just such a faux pas on the part of the President of Harvard University. This story has been in circulation for a few years. I last received it via e-mail about two months ago. It's a great story. Sadly, however (though also just as predictably) it's no more than an urban legend.

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