Now why should that be strange?

Just why a computer connected to the internet while a phone is ringing at the same time in the same apartment should be considered strange is a bit of a puzzlement in itself. Not many years ago very few people saw any connection whatsoever between a phone and a computer, and it seems as though in the not very distant future we won't see one as well. At present, however, the vast majority of internet connections are via phone lines, and even with the proliferation of multi-phone households (not including, of course cellulars) we still tend to hear people comment: "You must have been surfing the internet last night. I tried to reach you but the phone was constantly busy." (I don't have statistics on this, but it would seem that having a teenager in the house ceased being the main reason for a second phone line long ago.) For the time-being, computers and phones go together like ... well, like music and vinyl?

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