... it rings for a ride.

A ringing phone (if it's not a cellular at a concert or a play) usually generates a good feeling: somebody wants to talk with us. And knowing that somebody wants to talk with you may well be a wonderful reason for leaving the phone open, no matter how much you want to surf over to your favorite movie site and check up on a film. It would be nice to be able to report that each time the phone rings it's another friend asking what's new and how we're feeling, but the truth isn't quite as encouraging. More often than not it's someone looking for a ride to Tel Aviv the next morning, and I'm hardly asked "how are you" before the real point of the phone call is revealed.

Occasionally there have been work-related calls I've been expecting, and if Tzippi is driving home at night by herself I'll also leave the phone open in case she encounters car trouble. Still, on the whole, had I engaged the phone by being online I wouldn't have missed many destiny-changing calls. And though I often teach people to send e-mail to themselves in order learn how to use it, I've never really felt the need to phone myself.

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