And very lucky, too.

Actually, being online has been an integral part of my jobs, and rather than being asked why I was surfing away instead of writing some important paper, most of the people I've worked with have understood, and even defined, at least part of my job as examining what's available out in cyberspace in order to try and better determine how what's out there, both in terms of content and of tools, can be used in an educational setting. A number of times a problem with the connection at work offered me an opportunity to do something offline, and at times like that I might have actually held a book in my hands again. For some people truly have only "limited access". As someone who was truly unlimited, the quest for a fulltime connection at home was more something to be aspired to as "the way things ought to be" rathen that an actual need. If anything, having to limit my time online while at home offered a good excuse to do something different than check mail and examine sites - like maybe play with the kids.

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