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As long as it keeps working I'm not really about to replace it. Prices on computers aren't really that high, but buying one is infinitely more expensive than not buying one, and if our family is about to put out money, we've got a list of numerous other items we could use before a new computer. It's not a sleek new model, but our 166MH (upgraded from 133) machine, with 64MB of RAM is definitely a work horse, and it not only suits my needs but even runs most of the games the boys decide they want to play. The problem is that of late it seems to shut itself down at unexpected times. One evening I may be able to work for four straight hours without any difficulties, and the next, something goes wrong every twenty minutes. It's a good guess that in the not too distant future it's going to shut down and not go back on. I can only hope that I won't be using it, or at leat relying on it as my main machine, by then.

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