... a case in point.

Though I remained loyal to Netscape from version 1.0 through version 4.5, and resisted the move to Internet Explorer, numerous factors joined together to cause me to jump ship. The most prominent of these were the fact that Explorer handles Hebrew much better than Netscape, and the almost total dominance of Explorer in the schools. Teaching teachers to use Netscape when I knew full well that the first and only icon they would click on in school (and at home) in order to open a browser was the Explorer icon made clinging to Netscape futile.

But even so, I've continued to use Netscape (in the composer mode) as my development tool of choice for these columns. Yes, sometimes I do some very basic editing in the Notepad or in a textual HTML editor, and a couple of times I've tried my hand at advanced graphic editing tools. (What's more, as I've become more and more adept at noticing the different ways in which HTML can construct a page, I even find that I prefer the Notepad to a graphic editor.) But Netscape's composer is (in English) incredibly easy and intuitive, and in most cases it makes actually typing HTML an unnecessary chore. And since these pages hardly ever demand anything complex in the way of design I don't have any need for the more complex graphic programs. For my needs, at least, the learning curve on a new and sexy program doesn't merit the effort.

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