Getting even the very basics wrong.

A document on the internet without a basic <A HREF> link is like a .... Well, let's just say that it's not the sort of thing that get's done. I certainly don't mean to claim that pages generated by this particular tool don't contain links (though I have suggested that it's quite difficult to make pages refer to each other). On the other hand, I have to admit that the method via which these links become embedded in a document left me scratching my head.

A page of text that's supposed to be displayed as a basic HTML page gets pasted into the upper section of a form. Beneath the text are a few sets of boxes for adding links. In the box you type the text to be linked, and in the one beside it the URL to which the text is to be linked.

And then you discover that in the generated HTML document each time that the word or phrase you've linked shows up, it's linked. And you scratch your head and say to yourself: but I only wanted to link the word once, in a particular place. This is not the way links are supposed to work.

Until you realize (again) that with this tool it's the technology that determines how the content will look, rather than the other (correct) way around.

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