Protecting the innocent.

I honestly don't derive any special pleasure from poking fun at a particular technological solution, or at the people who developed it. That's not the objective of this column. It's quite clear that a great deal of effort was devoted to the development of this particular solution, and for all I know it actually offers a workable solution to schools that decide that they are in need of a web site. Thus, in true Dragnet style, in this particular column, only the names have been changed (or omitted) to protect the innocent. My guess is that many an internet start-up has been created (I can count at least a handful in Israel alone), ostensibly to facilitate the easy development of web sites, even though from the outset there was nothing difficult about the process. And even though things have improved over the past couple of years, the state of HTMLing in Hebrew today is still enough to make even the most confident do-it-yourselfer long for a package deal that will sidestep the need for viewing the HTML code and figuring out where to enter a correction.

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