No argument on that count. 
Take away my browser and I'll probably return to frequenting libraries more often (that couldn't hurt), and perhaps also have to change the way I relate to information and information retrieval. It might hurt, but since I've lived that way in the past, I suppose that I can readjust. And I really wouldn't mind reading a few books and even watching a bit more television. Real Audio, MP3 and their ilk? I'll get by with limited difficulty. After all, I prefer my CD collection to anything presently available via the web, not to mention my record collection which is much larger, though the turntable is almost constantly covered with so much stuff that it's hard to access it. Not having access to chat wouldn't change my lifestyle by much, and I might even find I enjoy the idea of being without ICQ. But take away my e-mail? I don't know how I'd survive!

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