It wasn't the first time. 
I've taught many "introduction to the internet" classes, and if people know how to hold and move the mouse, one of the first things we learn is how to type an address into the Location or Address bar of their browser. Frankly, because I've seen so many typing errors when people try to do this, I find it easier to start people off with a prepared page of links which is easily accessible from their Links bar. In that way they don't get lost, or to not-found pages, quite so readily. But sooner or later they're going to have to try and type a URL by themselves. Often people will complain about the prepared page, telling me that they want to get to a particular page of their choice and can't rely on my list, and thus need to know how (and where) to enter a URL. They learn quickly what to do, though I've noticed that few people make very extensive use of that means of accessing a web page. Still, I found it very surprising, almost a bit shocking, to discover a relatively internet-savvy 15 year old who essentially didn't know that the Address bar existed.

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