This time it matters.
Usually the precise date of the posting of a column is relatively insignificant. Not this time. This time the fact that I actually succeeded in uploading the column on the designated date is an integral part of it. I admit that I've lied in the past, listing inaccurate posting dates in order to make it seem that I've consistently met my deadline and that I've consistently written a column a month. But this time the truth is important, and I hope that readers won't think that I've cried wolf once too many.

And for once, considering the geographically different nature of this column, not only time matters, but place as well: It was on This Day in History that Frederick Banting and Charles Best successfully isolated insulin. As significant as that discovery may have been, it's not really the sort of event that I refer to in my tie-in date links. Ah, but they did it right here in Toronto, Ontario. They, of course were at home at the time, but I suppose that it's only fitting that I make use of what is for me a very different home in order to make my date connection. After all, this time, both time and place matter. However, lest this addition cause concern among my readers, I can assure you that not being much of a traveller, there is only a very limited danger of my continuing to find place connections in the future.

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