... Winnie the Pooh surfs the net?

About a year ago I promised someone that around this time I'd have a presentation prepared on Winnie the Pooh and the internet. I figured that Pooh sells, and I wouldn't have a harder time that other popularizers have forcing the round (and overweight) Pooh into the square (and narrow) hole of the particular topic they want to explicate. And if Pooh can get stuck in Rabbit's hole and have Christopher Robin, and Rabbit, and all Rabbit's friends and relations come to his aid to get him out of that tight place, I figured that they'd help get me out of any tight spots I'd encounter while trying to show that Pooh was the ultimate web surfer.

I'm still sure it can be done, but I'm not sure they'd like me much in the enchanted place in the forest, or anywhere else around there, for that matter, after putting Pooh through such a process. There is, ultimately, something distinctly internet-like in much of the Pooh stories. The characters are always setting out to find something, and finding something else instead. But stretching that into a full blown essay will have to wait for another time, or someone else.

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