How'd I get here?

Some people enjoy clicking on a link just to see where it will take them. Admittedly, it's possible to get a taste of what's to come by reading the URL (and it's not at all difficult to develop URLiteracy), but in my experience of teaching teachers to use the internet, the number of people who actually indulge in recreational clicking is very minimal.

Sadly, many too many people whose web-surfing habits I've watched haven't gotten to interesting and/or exotic places through serendipitous clicking. What they've most often done is gotten lost. Admittedly, today's portals make this easier and easier to do, even encouraging not finding your way by posting attractive and enticing road signs that beckon us to take the shiny path instead of the true way. But from what I've seen, the art of getting lost on the web, of blissfully discovering that you're not in Kansas anymore, is an art form saved for the experienced. The inexperienced simply click anywhere and then, exasperated at not getting where they thought they wanted to go, exclaim that the web is too confusing.

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