I just happen to have an old .gif on me.

My pockets are always filled with slips of paper, my desk is always cluttered with clippings and articles. I guess it's only logical that I'd have a digitized shot of the main Yahoo! page from long ago (about two and a half or three years ago sounds right) stashed away somewhere. The hard part was finding it, but even that didn't take too much time. What's most interesting about viewing this page after so much about the web has changed in the interim is how well it kept to the matter at hand: Yahoo! was a catalog, right?, so its catalog aspects were upfront, center stage, as they should be.

Hey! It's not even saved in color!

Now as well as then Yahoo! was perhaps the best example of getting lots of information onto one page, proving, along the way, that there's nothing wrong with less graphics and more text.

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