... a scene from a past life.

I won't swear that I really saw it happen, and my guess is that it shows up in a movie somewhere, but the fact that no one can say precisely where and when the following scenario took place doesn't mean it didn't, numerous times.

The scene is a coffee shop or restaurant near the university campus. The students have gathered together after an exhilarating demonstration, high on the feeling of empowerment that comes with knowing that the powers that be are shaking in their boots because 200 students have marched down the street chanting "Power to the People". Now it's time to start discussing what the next stage in the struggle should be.

John argues that the establishment will only feel threatened when we enlist more workers in our struggle. Lucia responds that the bourgeoisie is frightened by the new relationships of openness and love that we display and that we should concentrate our efforts on developing those relationships.

Of course back then, before our virtual identities were so well developed, we could only move into one commune at a time. Today, we can join as many communities as we like, and do so in as many personae as we choose.

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