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Over the past couple of years it's become the recipient of a major dose of lip service: The Paperless Society. Thousands of web pages mention the catch phrase. Some even claim to be doing something significant in the attempt to achieve it (if, that is, it really is a desirable goal). Reviewing all of them would be a pointless task, but an overview of some of the possibilities can still be of interest:

And then there's this from the Baltimore Business Journal, in an article entitled Shredding firms scrap idea of paperless society: That previous article deserved a quote. For this next one, from November 1997, passing mention is enough. Apparently, Bill Gates (are we talking here about a real person, or perhaps it's a composite, even corporate, trademarked identity, like that of Walt Disney that lives on long after his death?) "writes" a bi-monthly column for the New York Times (that gets saved and filed at the Microsoft home site) that answers questions sent by readers. One of them responds to the question: When will be see the paperless society? with various platitudes.

And without a doubt, Cathy's take on this subject deserves its place in the sun, or at least in cyberspace:

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