Let me count the ways.

Either I'm luckier or crazier (why not both?) than most people. The sort of work that I do permits me to be very highly digital. Whether lucky or crazy, I don't go anywhere without a disk in my pocket. I'm continually amazed, when I teach a "Introduction to Internet" class, or something similar, that the participants don't come with disks, and don't take notes on a word processor. I almost always have digital handouts prepared, and though invariably people ask if they can print them out, I resist preparing these same handouts in print version simply in order to emphasize to people that a digital version can be so much more useful and manipulable, if they learn to use it.

How have I incorporated digital technologies into my daily life? Among other things I've:

In other words, I can lay claim to be highly digital, though a look at my desk might suggest quite the opposite.

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