... throwing some light.

No forgotten technologies this time. Our inevitable This Day in History search has definitely hit upon the mainstream. We learn, for instance, that on October 21, 1879:

That definitely is pretty mainstream. Very few, if any, of us sit in front of our computers with our homes lit by candlelight. On the other hand, with so many outdated technologies floating around, it's hard not to hit on some sort of commemoration of them as well. The same date, 1918: There are times when the electricity goes out. If it's at night we grasp around in the dark until we find the candles, and then once they're lit we sort of sit around and wonder whether it's waiting for the electricity to return, or perhaps simply to go to sleep already. Reading a book with candlelight isn't something you can do for more than a couple of pages. On the other hand, if I'm really desperate, I have a manual typewriter in the house which is actually in working condition. And I'm fast, though the noise would probably wake up the kids.

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