... and I'll tell you who you are.

When I visit someone's home I'm attracted first to the bookshelf. By glancing at the collection of books on the shelf I get a feel for who this person is, where s/he is coming from, what s/he has been through. Sure, it's not always an accurate picture, and perhaps it's not always necessary to get a picture of this sort. But be that as it may, I learn a lot from perusing bookshelves, and when I don't find a bookshelf I'm always suspicious.

In the paperless society, what are we supposed to use instead in order to get a first impression? When we first visit with someone does it make sense to ask: "Can I see your bookmark file, please?". And that of course raises an interesting question. Do you relate to your bookmark file as something private, something you wouldn't show to just anyone? Would you respond to a request to show your bookmark file with something like: "Show you my bookmarks? I don't even know you!"? Any comments and opinions will be greatly appreciated. Send them to me.

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