... we have to view hypertext as an ever-widening set of creative opportunities.

For me, even after more than twenty years of being exposed to him, Edward de Bono remains one of the most important thinkers in the realm of teaching thinking in general, and creative thinking in particular. de Bono's concept of PO, developed in his book Po: Beyond Yes and No (1972), becomes particularly useful when when open ourselves to the continually networking connections that the web offers us.

From the introduction:

Do you get lost in cyberspace? Do you enjoy the experience? Do you use it as a means by which you discover need roads, new truck stops on the way, new destinations? PO does the same thing. As de Bono writes: So along with the relatively new media of cyberspace and hypertext we need a (not quite as new) thinking tool, such as PO to help us make the most of them.

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