... reach for your metaphor and shoot.

A metaphor can be a mighty powerful thing. And since this may well be the central theme of this whole column, I suppose that it's only fitting that it gets linked somewhere (if only slightly) off the beaten track.

Robert Adrian in Infobahn Blues (quite an old article by internet standards already, and though to my mind it's a classic, on the internet nobody, until now at least, has control over what's to become the canon) compares the metaphor of the “information superhighway” (credited to U.S. Vice President Al Gore) with that of “cyberspace”:

Jeremy Welsh, in On and Off the Maps alludes to an article by David Weinberger – The Ecstatic Document (hey, there I'm doing it) in which Weinberger describes a good web document as: To this Welsh adds: So although in the popular vernacular the metaphors of the "information superhighway" and of "cyberspace" are pretty interchangeable, when it comes to using the internet in education, they're rooted in very different premises, and lead to just as different pedagogical methods.

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