Reading, but not exactly understanding, my mail.

Google wants to be helpful. Very helpful. And sometimes it bends over so far backwards in order to be helpful that its help is ... well, pretty clearly useless.

In a relatively recent correspondence with my brother we touched on another aspect of online privacy - whether parents can legitimately post photographs of their children, photographs that remain accessible years into the future.
He noted that when his kids were younger he'd posted materials which they'd later requested that he remove, which he did. It's an interesting topic, and certainly one that merits examination, but what interests me here is the fact that Google picked up on the fact that he wrote "About five years later", and automatically invited me to enter the date, five years into the future, in my calendar, with the subject line of our correspondence the title of the event:

I'm not sure that it's worth trying to explain to Google that those five later years are already long in the past.

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