Reading not necessarily required.

A surprisingly substantial number of times, as I read at least some of the comments to an article I've just finished reading, I'll find someone who confesses that he didn't actually read the article, but that he's more than happy to give his opinion on it anyway. Sometimes, though not always, these comments are preceded with an acknowledgement of tl;dr, which is perhaps an acceptable excuse for voicing an opinion on something about which you only have a slight picture or partial knowledge. After all, it suggests that the commenter has gotten through at least part of what he's responding to. Other times, however, even that excuse seems unnecessary and we're served a comment which may or may not have any actual connection to what's being commented on. Today that may very well be one additional form of "reading", and I suppose that there's enough ambiguity in many of the columns here such that any position that a commenter here might make could, without too much squinting, seems to be related to what's been written.

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