Getting it right at least this time.

On the whole I find Wikiquote a reliable source - primarily because the people who post to it give very clear and accurate attributions. For each person quoted it usually also includes an "attributed" section where non-sourced quotes can be found, and even a "misattributed" section that lets us know that someone else said/wrote something ordinarily attributed to the person in question. Considering that the web is full of misquotes, Wikiquote is a good place to at least try to verify something. And that James Joyce quote? We learn that it's from an:
Interview with Max Eastman in Harper's Magazine, as quoted in James Joyce (1959) by Richard Ellmann. Eastman noted "He smiled as he said that smiled, and then repeated it."
I admit that I like what I've been used to quoting, but I guess that having the real thing is at least as nice.

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