No, not that "all about".

It's sitting right there, quite high up on the main page of the Boidem, so it shouldn't really be hard to see it and click on:
What's all this about, anyway?
On the other hand, perhaps it's not really that easy to see. That main page is rather cluttered, and it's just one short sentence, underlined and in blue. And frankly, since an announcement for each new Boidem column, including a direct link to that column, gets sent out to more people than actually read it, chances are rather good that nobody actually gets to that ever-expanding main page. If, however, someone does click, they'll find an entrance to my entire Master's thesis which attempts, perhaps almost successfully, to explain what the Boidem is.

But someone who chances onto a Boidem column, or an internal page of a column, and asks him or herself what this is all about probably doesn't want a thesis length explanation, and probably doesn't really care about whether hypertextual writing presents the reader with unexpected possibilities or simply causes more confusion than it's worth. That someone probably sees a few paragraphs, or a few sentences, in black text on a white page and asks him or herself whether he or she has fallen into some alternative universe where people still think that that's an acceptable way to present a web page.

Go to: How to read a Boidem column.