A column within a column?

To a certain extent this is two Boidem columns for the price of one. It's both a reflection on what it means for the internet to grow up (or at least an attempt to reflect on that), and an attempt to examine what "internet zealotry" might mean, and then to question whether that's something that we should make an effort to outgrow. That, at least, is how I originally pictured this column taking shape. My original mental notes focused on the question of what it might mean for the Boidem, and also the internet in general, to grow up, and they also focused on my chosen parasha. I thought that all of these might find some common ground in an examination of Pinchas's zeal and would congeal into a coherent whole. That, however, was at the "mental notes" stage. As I started committing bits to screen I found myself wavering between these different components, not fully succeeding in integrating them together. I readily admit that the end product seems more confused than coherent. But hey, it's a Boidem column, right?

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