Didn't you just relate to it as negative?

So far in this column I've been critical of zealotry. Yes, I've been somewhat forgiving toward it and found ways to "excuse" it, but pretty clearly, and especially in my examination of Pinchas, I've dealt with it as something that in adult life shouldn't be encouraged. That being the case, why am I now hinting that I'm more than a bit disappointed that the internet has divorced itself from it's "adolescent zealotry". The Boidem's growth has, at least to a certain extent, corresponded to the growth of the web, and of today's internet. So as the Boidem has aged so has the world that it set itself out to examine. The Boidem's expectations of itself have grown and changed as it has looked out upon the way the internet has grown and changed. Barlow's youthful zealotry may seem more than just a bit comical today, but there's nothing wrong with smiling at it with the aid of a healthy dose of "we should have expected that" hindsight. It's not the adolescent, but the adult zealotry that I find most disturbing.

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