One "tradition" I'd be happy to maintain.

I'm not making any plans for a big, or even a small, party. All I'm basically doing here is acknowledging a rite of passage, even if in this particular case precisely what it is that's being "passed" is more than just a bit unclear. If, however, any readers feel the urge to send checks (or wish to take part in this event in some other monetary way) I won't object. Yes, numerous times I've noted that for me the Boidem is a way of "giving back" to the amorphous online community something of (dubious) value in return for the great value that I've received from it. And because of that I really have no interest (or at least expectation) in benefitting financially from this project. Clearly, my chances of being able to do that are, anyway, pretty much nil. Still, I won't refuse any contributions that readers might want to make on this joyous occasion.

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