No more sagging pockets?

For years I kept a number of (non bending) floppy disks in my shirt pocket, and these invariably caused my shirts to seem terribly a-symmetric. Actually, they still seem that way today, but not because of floppy disks. Using those disks as the means to copy what I might be working on in order to bring that work home and continue from home pre-dated web mail, but even after web mail became my preferred method of transferring files I still kept a few in my pocket. I've often noted that when I taught courses on internet use to teachers the first thing I'd ask in the first lesson was who had brought a floppy with him or her. Invariably, particularly since they were teachers, the response would be "nobody told us to bring a disk!", to which I'd respond that although they hadn't been told to do so I wanted to know how they intended to bring home anything that they might work on during the lesson. My star pupils were the ones who at the end of the course told me that they hadn't brought a disk because they'd sent their work to themselves via email.

It's been years since I've had a floppy in my pocket, and probably even years since I last encountered a computer with a floppy disk drive. Instead I've got two 4GB, and one 32GB, USB thumb drives in my pants pocket. And even then most of my transferring is done via cloud. Even the idea of "moving" files from one computer to another has become somewhat of an anachronism. On the one hand, although I have access to numerous computers at the various places I work, I also have a laptop with me, and at some of these venues that's the tool I use. And of course today files don't get moved, only accessed from different devices. That's what the cloud is for.

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