Incline not my mouse to any evil thing.

I suppose that it's close to impossible for my place of work to delve into my heart and check what sort of intent I might have there. It can, on the other hand, check my mouse clicks - and keep me from evil.

Taking some time to attempt to reconstruct some of the searching that I did last year I chanced upon, a rather eclectic website devoted to "Love, Money, & Wealth - How to Get Rich while Saving the Planet". Even if I had much more time to waste I doubt I'd devote much more than a cursory glance to the site, but that doesn't mean that it isn't rather fascinating. In addition to a lengthy essay on economics (with an emphasis, it seems, on green economics), the author of the site also includes music he has composed to a number of verses of Song of Songs. He uses the Bloch translation for his music, and one of his pages has some promotional material for the book. (Another page has the verses that I'd searched for - but I found these only while preparing this column.)

The title of that page, however, is "Love, Erotic Poetry, Song of Solomon, Love Poems, Song of Songs", which suggests that it isn't the sort of page that someone should be reading at work. So, clicking on the link to the page brought me to a warning page:

Your page is blocked due to a security policy that prohibits access to Category Adult/Sexually Explicit
But I suppose that that's fine since I try to write these columns from home, and not during work hours.

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