Whenever that was.

I wrote about the benefits of a Hotmail account, in Hebrew, eight years ago, though I admit that back then I was far from convinced that it was a truly viable alternative to what I then viewed as standard email. Back then we could get something like 3MB of free storage space. Virtual hard drives from around that same time offered perhaps 5MB (I had quite a few of these). Perhaps there were some back then who actually saw the writing on the wall. I didn't. I certainly found a great deal of usefulness in online storage and accessibility, but I doubt that I felt that it would compete with, and perhaps overtake, my computer's hard drive.

I was only partially off the mark nine and half years ago when I wrote:

it won't be long before we save our files to our web sites, and then download them from those sites for future use or reference. It won't matter if we're at home, or work, or school, or at a friend's computer. Home is where the home page can be accessed.
The cloud, it turns out, isn't our own web sites, but instead a vast repository of files that we can access, but let someone else own.

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