Quadruple that!

Why spend a week in the cloud if you can spend a full month? That's what Daniel Bo did, and reported on in a blog he set up especially for the experiment - The OS is Dead. Bo seems to be a power user which suggests on the one hand that he's an early adopter, while on the other the demands that he makes from the cloud are significantly greater than those of the average user.

Although he acknowledges privacy issues that still concern him, on the whole he was very pleased with his month. As he reports in his summary:

The thirty days have passed and I'm still alive. It wasn't even that difficult, really. Sure, I felt pangs of desire for desktop applications, but I really believe that had more to do with working on a full desktop than anything -- it was like going on a diet with a cheesecake staring you in the face every time you open the fridge. I'm sure that I would have been fine had I been on a system without local applications.
Bo represents an extreme case. The only desktop applications he used during his month were his browser and a file manager. But if he's satisfied with his month in the cloud, most users shouldn't have any problem attending to the vast majority of their computing needs there.

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