Can cyberspace have corners?

Though the Boidem is substantially off any of the numerous beaten paths of cyberspace, it seems to me that it would be highly inaccurate to write that it occupies a "corner" of it. Certainly there are "vast reaches", and numerous other cliche-ridden ways of describing the web, but even if only a handful of links lead to it, it would seem that only figuratively is there any validity in claiming that the Boidem occupies a corner. If anything, that might be giving it more credit than it deserves. After all, a corner suggests a physical presence, and though the Boidem, and each of its pages, has a distinct URL, considering that all pages on the web have one of these, that's not saying much. Whatever presence the Boidem may have, it's hard not to relate to it, as perhaps to any web presence, as momentary and fleeting.

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