I've been wrong before.

What can I say! When I first encountered web-based mail I was convinced that it wouldn't take off. It just wasn't the real thing - "real", in this case, meaning that my mail had to be downloaded to my mail program, on my hard drive. Otherwise, I reasoned, it didn't have the right feel to it.

Not very much later I was already suggesting possible uses for web-based mail, but almost solely as an alternative for when we couldn't access our more legitimate mail program. But it wasn't long before our service providers offered us web-based access to our "real" mail, perhaps causing a bit of confusion among those of us who may have still thought that there was a proper way of accessing email.

Today I'm convinced that the reason that I still use Outlook is because of an emotional attachment that's hard to break. I prefer that mail come to my gmail account so that I can access it anywhere, and so that I don't have to ask myself on which computer I prefer to download certain items.

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