Ulterior motives.

I've chosen to focus on one particular aspect of this issue - the idea that running a search for a web site is becoming the standard way of getting to it. I'm well aware, however, that another, perhaps just as interesting aspect, is involved here. When the people at Kellogg's suggest to their audience that they search Yahoo! for SpecialK they're not simply saying "run a web search for SpecialK". They're telling people to use Yahoo! for that search. At Kellogg's they can easily compute how many visitors came to their site via Yahoo!, and how many via other sites, and I have no doubt that a great deal of money is involved in establishing what I suppose is a sort of branding experiment, even if I have my doubts that anytime in the near future we'll be seeing commercials in which people stationed in front of their computer screens tell us "After a nutritious breakfast of Kellogg's cereal I can surf Yahoo!'s web site for hours".

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