I can still remember names.

I know my own home phone number, and my cellphone number as well, but beyond those numbers (that I'm called upon to write into forms with relative frequency) I pretty much draw a blank. Even though it's been perhaps a decade since I last dialed it, I can still remember my family's home phone number - the number that I grew up with, but that's about the only number from the past that readily, or successfully, comes to mind. For a while I may have retained more recent numbers, but these haven't stuck in my mind. Though my inability to remember these numbers may be a function of ageing, I doubt that that's the major reason. I simply don't need to remember phone numbers - they're stored in my cellphone by name. Sometimes I'll look up a number in my cellphone and then dial it on our home phone, but even though I know that I can save money that way, it's so much easier to simply dial from the cellphone, and not have to think about the actual numbers at all. Names, however, are easier to remember than numbers, so if a URL is basically the name of the site I want to get to, I ordinarily don't have any problem typing the URL into the address bar and getting to the desired site.

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