Nothing you can seek that isn't found?

Nine years ago I pondered the question of what we search for on the web, reaching what was even then a rather obvious conclusion, that though some information was certainly extremely useful, it was far from clear that we'd actually be searching for it when we needed it:

Since then, of course, the amount of "information" that's available out there has increased immensely, as has the proportion of what's out there to what we might possibly want to find. But that doesn't mean that search has become useless. Quite the opposite. With the aid of tools such as Google Desktop, or Google Custom Search, I'm able to find the cartoon above with barely a hint as to where it might be located (either within the Boidem, or on my hard drive).

The Beatles blossomed in a pre-search era, which perhaps explains why they sang:
There's nothing you can know that isn't known.
rather than suggesting that there's nothing you can search for that isn't findable - though of course that doesn't seem to be a catchy enough phrase to become part of a popular song.

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