Or vice versa?

A review of David Weinberger's Everything is Miscellaneous in the online edition of Forbes cuts to the quick right from the title of the review:
Chaos Is The New World Order
Personally, I don't find such a statement threatening, but I can well understand that some people might. It's also a roundabout way of perhaps solving the problem - we don't have to create order, because chaos is all the order we need, and it seems to come so naturally.

Bruce Sterling, writing two and a half years ago in Wired referred to taxonomy as:
the traditional way to impose structure on the blooming confusion of raw reality.
In other words, we may be imposing structure, but it's only an edifice that hides the confusion beneath it. Sterling's article is a discussion of tagging that, back then, was still considered relatively novel. He contrasts the traditional taxonomy to the new folksonomy and declares that:
A folksonomy is nearly useless for searching out specific, accurate information
but he concludes that same sentence with:
but that's beside the point.
It may well be that everything is beside the point, or perhaps that there isn't even any point at all.

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