Time's Arrow?

I've run a number of searches for a clear and concise statement of this idea, generally referred to as Time's Arrow. The snippet below, stumbled upon with a large dose of luck, is from an article on a site devoted to Maintenance Technology. It seems to do the trick:
We sense time passing in the same “direction” as energy spreads out, which is why the Second Law is often referred to as “Time’s Arrow.”
If we stand outside of a system and observe it, and notice that energy is spreading in, rather than spreading out, we can assume that tempus is fugiting in the wrong direction, and that we're observing things backwards.

It seems, however, that of late somebody thinks that even this law doesn't have to be obeyed. A BBC News article from five years ago tell us that:
Scientists at the Australian National University (ANU) have carried out an experiment involving lasers and microscopic beads that disobeys the so-called Second Law of Thermodynamics, something many scientists had considered impossible.
This may be true for microscopic beads, but for the rest of us, time seems have a very definite direction.

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