Please don't show me your videos.

Other than for myself and the reflection they offer me, my web albums are for my very small family. I'm always uncomfortable when people offer to show me photographs of their vacations, and I try not to put others into a similar situation. I'm also aware, however, that upon getting home I'll want to quickly put my vacation behind me and get on with the pressing tasks that were delayed because of the vacation. So if I can upload photographs while still in transit, that's definitely to my advantage.

Today's digital cameras, however, take immense photographs. A photograph with our new 7.1 megapixel camera can take up 800K of memory, and even when uploading programs "automatically" reduce the size of these to something workable, it takes time. I prefer to reduce my photographs by myself, cropping them as well so that they contain very limited extraneous information. Doing this, of course, is time consuming, and had to be done late at night so that I wouldn't miss out on visiting with people. When I was going to be driving the next day, I often preferred sleep.

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