Who needs computer games?

Some people keep themselves awake through the night trying to break their Tetris record. Though I'm not overly attracted (yet?) to Second Life, I could see myself losing sleep through being immersed in such an environment, though judging from the fact that I've never really plunged into The Sims, or similar games, it seems that these hold less of an attraction for me than they do for many other people. (On the other hand, even though I'm well aware that almost nobody is going to notice the difference, I can waste an entire evening tinkering with the HTML coding on a particular page until it appears precisely as I want it.)

But if I'm looking for a way to "waste" my time in front of the computer, I don't see why anybody really needs games. What could possibly be more enjoyable than clicking from link to link, playing games of "that reminds me", or of "I wanted to check out the words to that song", or any number of other seemingly trivial quests for snippets of information that I'd never have been able to get around to before the web.

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