There really is such a usage.

Though clearly gives a definition of the adjective instrumental as:
serving or acting as an instrument or means; useful; helpful
outside of my family, I'm not sure I've ever really heard anyone use it in that sense. In his professional work my father differentiated between what he referred to as instrumental and terminal hypotheses. This was an attempt on his part to distinguish between different sorts of assumptions that people make about how the world works, or the reasons that motivate people to act in certain ways. Terminal hypotheses are those that lead nowhere, that don't offer an opportunity for change, while instrumental hypotheses are those that allow for solutions to problems that can actually be acted upon.

So what I've tried to convey through using that perhaps somewhat esoteric (in this context, at least) word, is that though I'll often make the most of any opportunity to simply click from link to link (as much as I may feel embarrassed to admit it) my use of the web of late has primarily been in order to accomplish a clearly defined task.

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