There are others.

As many pundits have pointed out, though new blogs are (still) constantly being started at a frenetic pace, many of these become dormant almost as soon as the bloggers get home from the training sessions at which they were shown how to open them. On others, many others, after only a handful of posts activity grinds to a halt. A number of blogs that I've attempted to follow in my RSS reader remain untouched for months until I realize that though it looked like a promising blog when I first started reading it, the person writing either didn't have the stamina to keep at the job, or simply lost interest and moved on to something else.

But though an abandoned blog is perhaps the most obvious way of losing a readership, I'm not sure that in a case such as this the (former) blogger would feel that he or she is losing something. After all, if you don't post anything, you don't really expect anyone to read your blog. On the other hand, posting the same thing again and again, and not having anything of interest to post can be very successful, and less purposeful, ways of losing that readership.

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