Carry-on as opposed to portmanteau.

Even though I've admitted that my blog posts tend to be considerably longer than I'd like them to be, they still tend to address a single topic. As such, even when they're long, they're focused. Some posts aggregate the comments of numerous bloggers on a particular issue, but I'll still try to focus on that one issue. Other issues can wait (usually not too long) for their own moment in the sun.

Boidem columns, on the other hand, thrive on the cross-pollinization that accrues from mixing topics. Rather than posting a sentry at the entrance to a post who checks the identity of whatever knocks on the door, and denies entry to materials that aren't specifically on-topic, they'll simply leave the doors wide open for whatever I've been collecting to (openly) sneak in. In this sense, though blog posts "move on" from post to post, Boidem columns "move on" within themselves. The external restriction of a set posting date conflicts with the internal opened-endedness of the content. With the Boidem I sometimes discover that I've "moved on" while I'm still trying to write a single column.

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