That wouldn't happen in a blog post.

Blogs are ordinarily considered a personal form of writing. The Boidem, because it's hosted on a university server, has a harder time being considered "personal". But a sentence with a high degree of personal content like the link that led to this page fits the context of the Boidem, yet isn't the sort of thing I'd write in my blog. That's not only for the obvious reason that the blog doesn't play around with hypertext, instead using links only to connect to items from which I quote, or to which I refer. For me (and when it comes to blogs I suppose that I can only write about my own experience) blog posts reflect on an event or something I've read somewhere else (ordinarily on another blog) and attempt to take a position on that event or writing, and explain why I've taken such a position. Boidem columns are a considerably more open-ended sort of writing where often I start out expecting to take a particular point of view and only toward the end realize that through my writing I've convinced myself of the opposite (in this particular case I needed only one paragraph). A blog post contains internal reflection, but ultimately attempts to be part of a public discourse. Boidem columns often start out as a reaction to a public discourse that become internal reflections, and refractions, and are content to stay that way.

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